With our debut Heartstoppers just behind us and Nightcap fast approaching, Miss Eva brings you her top tips to bring polish to your performances.
Words by Eva Devore
Photography by Etienne Reynaud and the Pixel Pixie


Knowing your act inside and out will give you all the poise and confidence you need to bring your act to life. Listen to your music often and familiarise yourself with all the intricacies of the song; are there any key moments or highlights in the music you can use as cues? Once you’ve learned your choreography back to front, make time to refine and polish. Paying special attention to details such as your hand placement, floor work or facial expressions will take your act to the next level! You can video your rehearsals and review it at the end of the session, and make notes on your progress. That way you will have a list of focus areas ready to go for your next session.


Nothing says showbiz like a decadent costume covered in crystals. Think about the message you want to send with your act, and how you can show this in your costuming and make-up. You may wish to ooze glamour and sophistication with lace and red lipstick, or show a moodier side with smoky eyes and a bondage-inspired bodysuit. Whatever you choose, plan your whole look from top to toe and then make sure you have time for dress rehearsals. It’s so important to rehearse in your costumes, to ensure that they don’t hinder your movement, and stay put so that there are no unwanted reveals! Any costume change or removal in the act should be rehearsed as part of the choreography, so that you can make sure things come off when they are supposed to.


Being as prepared as you can be beforehand will help you approach your performance calmly and confidently. The night before your show, pack your bag with everything you need for your performance, including your costume, make-up, any props and anything else you need. It’s a good idea to have a “show kit” that includes safety pins, hair pins, pastie tape and a needle and thread, in case any last minute costume dramas happen.

Arrive to the venue on time, and have your makeup and hair already done, as space backstage is usually limited! Make sure to warm up, stretch and do any pre-show rituals you may have that help you to feel calm and present in the moment. This might include taking a moment to meditate, listening to some music or having an energetic warm up dance party with yourself!


When you step out on the stage, the spotlight and the moment is yours. Finding your inner confidence and letting it shine through is ultimately what will bring the wow factor to your performance. Many performers have a stage persona that they slip into to help them exude confidence – Even Beyonce has a stage persona she calls Sasha Fierce! Find that strong, confident, no-nonsense side of you that is fierce and fearless and bring that to the stage every time you perform. Remember, if you look like you are having fun, the audience will have fun watching you!