Lola's style of dance is beautiful - her flow and ability to connect with her music is mesmerising. The first time I met Lola, we were competing in our first Amateur Pole competition about 6 years ago. She was wearing a red, sparkly outfit and took off her shoes mid performance. She was just this absolute goddess and after watching her perform, I had to be her friend. I chose Lola to work at Sky Sirens not only because she's a brilliant instructor, but because she brings her unique style to her choreography. This week, we ask Lola questions from her most embarrassing moment to tips on how she got so bendy.
Photography by Beccy Spice, H&MU by Dahlia Daye. Interviewed by Katia Schwartz.


Miss Lola Grace

"The Pole Mermaid"
Instagram: @lolaograce

Age: 29
Day Lola: High-School Teacher.
When did you start Pole Dancing? Since 2009.
How did you come up with your stage name? I wanted a name that I really liked, but wouldn't want to use for naming my future child.
How would you describe your style of dance? It's changed a lot since I first started. It's quite unique because I'm largely a self-taught artist. I love to focus on fluidity, lines, intricate transitions and playing with shapes.
What does sexy mean to you? Being sensual and exploring your physicality. Being sexy is feeling confident in your own skin and enjoying the way your body moves.
What's your most embarrassing moment on stage? I have stacked it a few times in my heels! But I just laugh it off and pretend it's deliberate haha!
What are your favourite tips to give students?
1. Don't compare yourself to others - you are on your own journey and you need to be patient with your body. 2. Spend time developing your own style by freestyling, even if it feels awkward - practice makes perfect! 3. Film yourself and try to perfect the details: lines, toes, extensions, details, flow and timing.
How did you get so bendy? I've always been a bendy person - but, Yoga and stretching at home has definitely improved my flexibility. We are in a strength building artform, so we need to stretch regularly to counter balance the calisthenics we put our bodies through. Holding stretches for several minutes and mixing it up with dynamic and PNF stretching techniques will improve your progress faster - however, you need to listen to your body - use proper technique, alignment and ensure you're very warm.
What are you teaching in Term Four? I'm teaching on Mondays and Wednesdays next term - and I'm currently choreographing the routines for my classes. Emeralds Pole will be dancing to "Never be" by an amazing Australian artist Meg Mac. I'll also be choreographing and teaching Rubies Pole - who will be dancing to a groovy, modern song called "Black Mambo" by Glass Animals. I'm back to teaching regular Dreamgirls next term which is super exciting - I can't wait to explore all things sexy with a group of new Sirens. Dreamgirls will dance to "Talk" by George Maple. If you are above Emeralds Pole, and want to expand your dance and floorwork vocab while feeling sexy - you need to sign up to my Diamond Dreamgirls class - we are dancing to "0-100" by Drake.
What are you excited about this year? I'll be competing in Pole Theatre at the Metro Theatre in July and Miss Pole Dance NSW in August. It's a great opportunity to push myself creatively and participate in the Pole community. I always make great friends back stage! I actually met Katia at an Amateur Pole night held a million years ago and one thing led to another and here I am!