Siren Shop Policy (for items only, excludes classes)

 Returns policy

We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind on sale items. Items sold at regular retail price that are unwashed, unworn and unused (with tags and packaging attached) in their original condition may be returned within 7 days with proof of purchase for an exchange or refund. For health reasons, there are no returns or exchanges on the purchase of bottoms or pasties. Online returns may take up to 10 days to process, so please 'Speak to a Siren' to arrange this. Sky Sirens will not be responsible for any shipping costs for online exchanges and refunds.

Refunds & Store Credits

Refunds will be processed using a direct deposit. Store credits are valid for six months from the date of the original purchase.

Faulty Items:

 Should you receive a faulty or damaged item, please 'Speak to a Siren' and they will instruct you on how to return the item.


All Australian orders will be sent via Regular (registered) Australia Post at no charge to the customer. In the event of an exchange, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs. 

International Shipping and Returns

International orders require payment for shipping, calculated at the checkout. Sky Sirens will not credit customs and duties paid on your order; this must be pursued by customers within their own jurisdiction. As Sky Sirens is not liable for the loss of the item being returned, we recommend sending your parcel with a traceable service.


Student Waiver & Class Policy

On your first engagement with Sky Sirens (regardless of what course/practice time/workshop you are attending), you will be asked to sign a waiver form. This is compulsory and must be signed prior to this class (or acknowledged in your online booking) as you will not be permitted to engage in any activities without signing the form. The lovely 'siren of the house' will hand you a printed copy of this form on your first lesson.

Prior to my engagement with Sky Sirens, I acknowledge that:

01. Exchange & Refund Policy
As a term of your agreement with Sky Sirens, Sky Sirens does not give refunds or transfer classes to another term for any reason including illness, injury or pregnancy. Sky Sirens will however, allow you to transfer your remaining classes (not including catchup classes) to a third party approved by Sky Sirens in the same term. Any such third party must complete the classes within the same term that you originally purchased the classes for. Such classes must be the same type of class that you enrolled in (Eg. a Pearls Pole Intermediate class can be transferred to a Babydoll Pole Beginners, however not a Babydoll Lyra Beginners etc.). Any such transfer shall be conditional upon class availability. You must provide one weeks written notice of any such transfer.

02. Payment & Deposit
You must pay a 50% deposit when enrolling into any eight week term. Full payment must be paid by your class in week two of that term. If payment is not made, you will not be permitted to enter the class/workshop/practice time. Sky Sirens is entitled to your deposit if you choose to cancel your enrolment/workshop/class at any time. If you have paid in full for your eight week term and choose to cancel your class prior to week one, you will be refunded your payment less the 50% deposit.

03. Catch-Up Classes
If you miss a class, you are welcome to attend another class of the same tier (ie. price) in the same term, subject to availability. Catch up classes are subject to a ‘first in first serve’ basis, with priority to the students already enrolled in that class. You must cancel a class that you know you will not be able to attend with more than two hours notice. If notice is not given, you are not entitled to a catch up class. Due to Sky Sirens booking system, you may only book in a catch up class 24 hours prior to your desired time.  If you cancel or do not turn up to your catch up class, your class is also forfeited. Catch up bookings and class cancellations will only be valid if you email and receive a written reply.

04. Timetable & Teacher Changes
All Sky Siren classes/teachers are subject to change or cancel at any time. We will provide written notice to any student enrolled into that class if this occurs. Apart from special circumstances, the most common reason why this might occur is that not enough people enrolled into the class. The class will most probably be transferred to a different time during the evening, moved to another evening or cancelled altogether. You will need to choose another class from the timetable if this occurs.

05. Swapping Classes
If you are unable to attend the class you enrolled in, or you believe the level is too difficult/easy for you - you may swap the class to any class within the same tier (or pay the original difference - you will not be refunded if the class is cheaper) at any point in that term. This is subject to our “Swapping Classes” policy and availability, and you may incur an admin fee. If you swap classes within 24 hours of the time you made the booking - you will not be charged an admin fee. Swapping classes after 24 hours of making your booking, and before week two of the term that you’re booking into will incur a $40 admin fee. However, if you choose to swap your class after midnight Sunday (the end) of Week One (of the term that you’re booking into) you will not be required to pay an admin fee.

06. Damages
You will be liable for any damages caused by you to the studio, it’s property, equipment and products for sale.

07. Disruptive Behaviour
Sky Sirens reserves the right to ask students to leave the class (without an exchange/refund) if they are disruptive, disrespectful, engaging in dangerous behaviour or in Sky Sirens view putting any other student or staff member at risk.

08. Emergency Contact
You agree to provide Sky Sirens with your full name, phone number, email address and next of kin contact details in case of emergency.

09. Risk Warning/Injury
In undertaking activities involving Sky Sirens you acknowledge those activities involve risk including physical injury from falls or physical exertion. You further acknowledge Sky Sirens shall not be liable for any injury or loss caused during classes or whilst you are undertaking such activities. You will not sue or make any claim against Sky Sirens or it’s staff for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, howsoever arising. Injury may include bruises, scratches, carpet burns, cuts and muscle injuries or broken bones. You acknowledge that these injuries are part of the risks involved and freely consent to partake in the activities.

10. Medically Fit
Sky Sirens classes/workshops are physical in nature. You are responsible for ensuring you are physically and medically fit for your class/workshop and your personal safety at all times. You undertake to inform the instructor of any physical limitation, pre existing medical condition or fact or matter which might affect your suitability for this program. In enrolling with Sky Sirens you represent that you have no pre existing medical condition or injury, including allergies, heart, blood conditions or past injuries likely to affect your suitability for the activities in which you have enrolled and that you have sought and obtained independent medical advice that you have no such relevant medical conditions or injuries.

11. Personal Belongings
Sky Sirens are not responsible for any student’s lost/stolen/damaged personal belongings while attending class which remain the sole responsibility of the student.

12. Drugs & Alcohol
No alcohol or drugs prohibited by law can be consumed before or during any classes/workshops/practice times or events conducted or organised by Sky Sirens. Sky Sirens retains the right to refuse entry or to request student(s) to leave the premises if they are in breach of this clause.

13. 18 years and over
You certify that I am over 18 years of age.

14. Intellectual Property
All routines, syllabus, concepts, events, merchandise and designs remain the intellectual property of Sky Sirens and can not be replicated under any circumstance.

15. Safety in Practice Time & Class Time
Under no circumstances is any individual allowed to teach another indiviual anything on any of our aerial/pole apparatus that has not already been taught to them in class by a Sky Sirens instructor or contracted teacher, including during practice time and class time. Only a Sky Sirens instructor, or contracted teacher may teach another individual during class and/or practice time. Anyone found not complying with this rule will be asked to leave the session immediately.

16. Nightcap (end of term showcase evening)
If you attend and perform and Nightcap, you agree that you may be filmed and photographed. The Photographer and Sky Sirens may have unrestricted use of the photographs and footage for whatever purpose, including advertising (online or in printed form), with any retouching or alteration without restriction. You acknowledge that the photographs and film are not an entitlement and are not included as part of your course fees. The photographs and film remain the property of Sky Sirens and the Photographer and both parties must be credited upon every distribution.


I acknowledge that I have read and understood this agreement and that it shall bindmy heirs, executors, administrators & representatives.

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