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Introduction and Video by Eva Devore, Tutorial by Oryx

Welcome to Tips and Tricks, a new series of blog posts where our teachers will share some of their favourite styling secrets, performance tips, trick variations and more. We know you all love to learn as much as you can, so these blogs will cover things that you wouldn’t usually learn in class. With that in mind, many of these videos will assume you already have some knowledge in the apparatus or style you are learning! Please make sure to check the skill prerequisites before attempting anything in these videos. If you are unsure if you have the skills, or need some assistance, why not take the video into a Perfect Positions class as your project for the week?

This week we are learning some styling variations for the Jamilla with Oryx! Oryx is one of our Pole dance instructors, and an incredible dancer, known for her experimentation with shapes and styling, and her amazing strength while performing stunning tricks! She loves the diversity of pole dance and feels like it's a space where people not only discover who they are, but where they can also express who they are; it is for this reason she consciously prioritises space in her classes for freedom of expression, self-love and art. To read more about Oryx, head to our Teacher Feature blog to read our interview.

For this week’s sequence, you will need to be an Emeralds level (Intermediate 2) Pole Dancer and have mastered the extended Jamilla move.


What types of tips, tricks or skills would you like to see us share next? Let us know what you would like us to share, and we’ll see if we can make it happen!