Words & Photography by Mia Maraschino & Wednesday

It’s no secret that Sky Sirens is antique obsessed. We love a good cherub coffee table and are partial to a porcelain cat or two. In fact we’ve totally lost count of all our vintage lamps and the many different bulb-types we need to hunt for each week! Our Madame Siren Katia has spent the last few years carefully curating the Sky Sirens cabinet of curiosities that you all know and love. 

Now that the studio is expanding, we naturally wanted to costume the space in the same vintage style you would expect from a 1940s film starlet’s boudoir. Think feathers, velvet, marble and intricate gold accents. Picture crystal decanters, plush Chesterfield lounges and fine china tea sets. 

Sydney’s best antique emporiums have remained a closely guarded Siren secret… until now! Our beautiful siren students are always asking where to find vintage treasures, and as it’s getting closer and closer to the giving season, we thought we’d invite you in on our favourite vintage hotspots, as well as a few tips from our vintage vixens.

Happy hunting!


Dulwich Hill’s best kept secret! The folks at Sydney Furniture are always willing to lend a helping hand to assist you in picking out or tracking down your dream piece. Stocking mostly large furniture items with a few cabinets of knick knacks and vintage wares, this is the place to fulfil your vintage dreams on a tight budget with minimal fuss!


A vintage lovers’ dream, Mitchell Road is a warehouse wonderland packed to the rafters with treasures from all eras. You could spend hours wandering the aisles, admiring the beautifully themed stalls and set ups. Many of our larger furniture pieces have been found here, as well as our newly adopted giant ceramic cougar! Mitchell road is perfect for mid-range gems and kitschy retro goods. 


Another massive den of delights, you’ll very easily lose yourself in the expanse of Lunatiques!
If you’re after an exquisite antique piece, look no further. Lunatiques is best for more extravagant and expensive items, for when you really want to treat yourself. They also have an incredible selection of bric-a-brac and vintage crockery, so you can revamp your space without breaking the bank!


Located very close to Ikea, Tempe Salvos is an unassuming gem within the Sydney vintage scene. Their stock is updated frequently, and is always incredibly affordable! If you’re lucky, you can snag beautiful vintage furniture at a fraction of the price it’d be sold for elsewhere. The gorgeous boudoir chairs in our Golden Glamour room were found here, as well as our charming floral printed cats!

Tips from our Vintage Vixens

“While you’re walking around, take photographs of the items that you want, as well as the stall name and price tag. This way you can compare your finds without having to find the piece again, and it will really help the sales assistants find them when you’re ready to purchase!”
- Katia Schwartz

“If you’re looking to purchase furniture, measure the space it’ll go in or mark out with tape where you’d like it to fit first. Also, make sure you can physically get it into the building! Don’t make my mistake - I had to return not one but two couches!”
- Dahlia Daye

“Visit your local vintage store frequently - get to know the staff and restocking days! When you’re a friendly face the staff will be happy to contact you if they happen to come across your coveted items.”
- Mia Maraschino

“Don’t go antiquing when you’ve only got a hot-minute. It takes time to really wade through all the items (some of which is garbage, let’s face it), so make sure you carve out a good few hours and give yourself plenty of time to dig and deliberate!”
- Wednesday

“I find it’s better to approach it with an open mind. If you go in with a particular shopping list, often you won’t be able to find the exact thing you’re after. But most of my favourite finds have been when I’ve just randomly wandered in to an antique shop and struck gold!”
- Eva Devore