Hello, My Name Is Mary. 

I haven’t done exercise since my 2013 break up. Where I joined a gym for a week and then ran away from a membership and now am to scared to answer private numbers.

I have just enrolled to be a Sky Sirens student, please follow the ups and downs of my journey. I assume the downs will mostly involve me falling on the floor or asking Katia for a wine break.

As someone that finds the idea of spending time in the gym with people wearing 180 dollar activewear and leggings terrifying. I’ve decided the only answer to my exercise dilemma is to throw myself into a situation where I can dress like a 10/10 babe and also maybe move some muscles.

Spoiler alert this will not be about some weight loss journey, because I am much more interested in making my body stronger not smaller.

The only downside of this whole experiment is now I have no chance of running into a famous football player at gym. On the upside I can wear body glitter while exercising.