Are you completely new to either Burlesque, Pole Dance and Aerial (or all three!)? Don't panic kitten, we have you sorted with everything you need to know before you pop your Siren cherry!

At Sky Sirens, we celebrate all bodies - proving that anyone can achieve amazing things! Increase your fitness and confidence in a non-intimidating environment where you feel supported and safe. If you're after 'tasteful sexy' mixed with vintage class - you've arrived at your destination!




We have four different genres of Beginner's classes, depending on whether you'd like to do Pole, Lyra, Sling or Burlesque. If you're torn between a couple of classes (or all four!), the benefits of cross-training different apparatus and disciplines are amazing. We also offer $100 off your total for every additional class you choose (if you do wish to enrol into more than one class, make sure you select the “payment plan” option at checkout as discounts can’t be refunded or credited. Your discount will then be taken off manually in week two when your final payment is due). All you need to do, is click on the pictures below and follow the links to book into your class. You can also check our Timetable to see when these classes take place.

$250 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Acquaint yourself with Pole Dance by spinning, climbing and twirling. You will learn a routine over the term and have the choice to perform it in front of a crowd of your family and friends.
No experience necessary.
Classes progressively build up strength, flexibility and fitness.

$300 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Lyra is the hoop that you perform tricks in - whilst hanging from the ceiling. You will learn to pull into the hoop, sit and pose all together in a beautiful routine.
No experience necessary!
Classes progressively build up strength, flexibility and fitness.


$250 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Learn the art of the tease with this Classic Burlesque course. This class is all about being tasteful and elegant with a brassiere full of bumps, grinds and shimmies! Channel your inner Dita Von Teese with a mixture of cheekiness and grace - and if you’re game - you can bare all with pasties!
No experience necessary!
This class is for Burlesque babes with little to no experience.

Aerial Sling.jpg

$300 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Learn to wrap, spin and pose in the air with our Babydoll Sling course! Our Babydoll Sling course will allow you to develop the foundations of the apparatus, combining elements of various aerial disciplines as well as learning how to use the sling as an artistic dance form.
No experience necessary!
Classes progressively build up strength, flexibility and fitness.


It's normal to feel shy at first, especially when you're pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. We are a Queer & Trans friendly safe space, inclusive of all body types and celebrate diversity. The 'We are Sirens' campaign (featured below) is a reoccurring project that highlights different handfuls of our beautiful students. If you're feeling a little nervous, have a read of the experiences and inspiring words of these individuals. The aim of this project is to encourage others to join our community and celebrate the amazing physical and psychological feats everybody has the opportunity to achieve with perseverance.
Read our student profiles.


We have welcomed freelance writer Mary Madigan to the studio to have a 'go' at our classes! Follow her journey each week as she writes diary entries about her experience.


"What do I wear?" is our most commonly asked question for our Siren Virgins. So we decided to put together a little guide of outfit suggestions for Pole, Lyra and Burlesque to help you decide what to wear for your first class. We also recommend having a little read of our "What's in the Bag" blog posts for Pole and Lyra to see what other items our Sirens bring to class. If you're feeling nervous, you can always Speak to a Siren and we can help you out with some options over the phone or email. If you're a curvier babe and unsure of where to buy some items, please let us know and we can link you to some beautiful sites or custom make you something stunning. 


What to wear for Pole

The most important thing to remember for pole, is that you need the back of your knees exposed to grip with your skin and your clothes need to be tight-fitting. We have outfits at the studio that you can purchase before your class, so Speak to Siren ahead of time to see if we have your size. You're welcome to wear heels (we also sell these in the studio and we do pre-orders once a term from Pleaser Shoes!) but bare feet is totally fine until when/if you feel ready to wear shoes. For Babydoll Beginner's Pole, we recommend any of the following outfit options:
- Booty Shorts with a crop top, singlet or tshirt
- Leggings above the knee with a crop top, singlet or tshirt
- Lingerie top and bottom (suspenders get in the way!)
- Short Lingerie bodysuit or Gymnastics Leotard


What to wear for Lyra

Lyra requires a little more coverage than Pole or Burlesque. This is because the tape that we use on the lyras for a safer grip is really abrasive on bare skin. For this reason, we recommend you to wear either leggings, a full length bodysuit/leotard or a pair of stockings to cover your legs if you wear a short bodysuit or lingerie set. The top half of your body is not as in contact with the lyra, but just make sure it's tight and doesn't have any 'dangling bits' that could get caught. Always wear socks, sockettes or stockings in class, to help you spin easily and for hygiene purposes, unless you're interested in getting sexy in our Velvet Vixenettes & Velvet Vixens classes. 


What to wear for Burlesque

Your Burlesque outfit will change every term, as this will be determined by the routine that you're learning (and what items of clothing you're taking off etc.). Your teacher will advise what to bring for the following classes on your first lesson. Most of the students will turn up in some kind of 'lingerie' outfit (like the picture above) with some kitten heels. If you're feeling a little nervous, you can always bring a babydoll dress or nightslip to pop over the top of your lingerie and take it off as you feel more comfortable. Sometimes on the first lesson, the students will turn up in activewear (like yoga clothes), but this slowly phases out over the weeks as dressing up for class makes everyone feel glamorous and more 'in the mood' for Burlesque.  


What to wear for Sling

It is very important to wear an outfit that has no buckles, buttons, zippers, rhinestones, clasps or anything that can potentially snag the fabric of the sling.
All Jewellery, watches and sharp pointed nails and body piercings are also not permitted (you can cover nails and piercings with thick strapping tape - Bandaids don’t hold for the whole lesson).
Ideal outfit choices would be:
1. Tight Leggings (like yoga style) and t-shirt or sports bra
2. Stockings (no garter belts as belts can snag fabric) with a leotard over the top. No fishnets, toenails must be covered.
3. A tight onesie leotard!
4. Socks are a must (no bare feet!)
The backs of your knees and mid-section should be covered completely.

Please make sure you shower before class (if possible), always wear deodorant and bring a sweat towel to help us keep the best standards of hygiene for all students. Fabric holds smells more than our other apparatus - so don’t be offended if we ask to do an “arm’s up” line-up and your instructor will spray everyone with deodorant.


If you have a burning question that hasn't been answered below, visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" page or Speak to a Siren to find your answer.


I'm not strong/flexible/coordinated!
You don't need to be any of these things to join! Pole Dancing, Aerial and Burlesque make you strong, flexible and coordinated - not the other way round! Our syllabus allows you to build up your strength and technique gradually throughout the 8 week term. We assume that you have zero dance, gym or fitness experience when you first sign up!  


How many people in my class?
We are a boutique studio specialising in small, intimate classes. All of our classes have a maximum of 10 people. Smaller classes are safer and mean that you get lots of attention and a more personalised service.


Catch up Classes
If you miss a class, you are welcome to attend another class of the same tier (ie. price). This must be done in the same term, and this is subject to availability.
1. You must cancel a class with minimum two hours notice, or you won’t be entitled to a ‘catch up’.
2. You may only book in a catch up class within 24 hours of your desired time slot (no earlier).
3. If you cancel or do not turn up to your catch up class, your class is then forfeited.
All class, catch up bookings and cancellations will only be valid if you email and receive a written reply. Please note, that if you email us outside of our opening hours or within an hour of our closing time- we will not respond until we open the next day.


We are a diverse community of inspiring babes, and with our studio expanding - we are looking to find more of you! Listen to our current students talk about their time at Sky Sirens and give you some advice if you’re feeling nervous about joining.


If you're looking to try a class before booking an eight week course, we have a few options available for you. We offer 'Sample Sessions' for $20 during week seven of every term,  just in time to enrol for the following term. If you decide to enrol after your sample session class, you will be credited the $20 back towards your enrolment for that term. For a tiny taster of each class, come along to our 'Bring a Babe' open day that we host once a term. Bring a Babe is free, and there's always High Tea and Champagne served afterwards. Click the images below to see when the sessions are available, and book in today!