Siren of the House
Favourite Silver Screen Siren: Hedy Lamarr

"All girls want to be glamourous. I want to be unexpected."
Hedy Lamarr

Wednesday is the twisted, sinister hellion your mother warned you about. A lyra and sling aerialist, drag queen and all around weirdo, Wednesday is a high-concept, narrative-based performance witch, who uses elements of gothic horror and dark humour to satirise modern society through avant-garde gender-bending drag and Lyra/Sling acts.

Even though she looks like pure hellfire, Wednesday likes to mess with people’s expectations and bias’s by being the most friendly, supportive and well-meaning individual she can be. She might look scary and spooky, but she is a soft-hearted encouragement machine and empath, who loves to make every siren feel like their best selves!  

You will usually find Wednesday welcoming students in the reception or behind our pink front desk. She also frequents many of our Pole, Lyra and Sling classes!


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