Due to circumstances that are out of our control, we are unable to host our end of term performance 'Nightcap'. We know how much everyone loves Nightcap (and so do we!), so we decided to come up with a pretty sweet solution which we think everyone will love. 

First thing that you need to know before reading ahead: All routine classes on our timetable are cancelled during week eight. 

All Mini-Term, and existing Perfect Positions, Bootcamp and Sexy Flexy classes are running as normal. If you are enrolled into these classes, please come as normal. The week eight timetable is shown below.

We will be hosting "Video" performance sessions in two hour intervals every day of the week for those students who are eager to have their performance recorded and edited with professional video. Unfortunately, you are not permitted to bring anybody along to watch these sessions.

You don’t need to ‘book in’ to your filming session. Just turn up on the day - on time. We can’t guarantee that you will be filmed if you are late. There will be a rehearsal before the filming takes place on the evening. This will happen during the 2 hour session (not before). You will need to come in on the day that your class usually takes place. All students will need to sign a video release form on the day to give consent to images/video being shared online/print. If you don’t wish to come to your class, cancel out ASAP and we will issue you with a catch up class to be used this week or in the mini term (which is valid until the 23rd Dec).

Filming will take place in our Flamingo Fantasy and Leopard Luxe rooms. All Sling Mini Term classes will be moved to The Dollhouse.