Week Eight classes run at the same time as every other week, however the classrooms are combined (two rooms are condensed to one room) so that the classes have an audience (of each other). For example, two downstairs Monday 5pm classes run together and two upstairs Monday 5pm classes run together and so on.

All Mini-Term, and existing Perfect Positions, Bootcamp, Striprobics and Sexy Flexy classes (ie. non routine classes) are running as normal. If you are enrolled into these classes, please come as normal. There will be NO changes to the format of these classes.

This is how the evening will work, for every hour of the evening.

Step One: Classes will warm up together (there will be no conditioning).
Step Two: There will be five minutes after the warm up for instructors to discuss chorey with students, rig or put on shoes.
Step Three: Class one performs, then class two performs. The class not performing, must be sitting down watching and cheering on the class performing (no going on phones, talking, marking out the routine).
Step Four: Teacher Feedback and chatting. The instructor will talk to your class individually, help out and give you feedback on anything that you’re unsure of.
Step Five: Repeat at least one more time.

Downstairs Classrooms
All students will warm up in The Dollhouse. 

Upstairs Classrooms
The dividing wall will be open.

Non-Routine Classes
In the event of a non-rotuine class (ie. Perfect Positions, Bootcamp, Striprobics, Sexy Flexy), the dividing wall will be closed (or downstairs restricted to their respective rooms) and the partnered routine class will run the routine in halves (performing the same routine to each other).


Catch up classes work as normal during week eight as what they do for the rest of the term. This week eight format follows our normal week eight schedule. If you choose to opt out of week eight, you will not be eligible for free vouchers as has been the case in some terms (where we have done ‘filming week’). The week eight classes will not be filmed by Sky Sirens Team members, however students may film each other just like regular class time.