Words by Eva Devore | Featuring Photographs by Etienne Reynaud and Katia Schwartz

Coming along to your classes each week is like a little treat for yourself, an hour or two where you get to leave the world behind and focus on learning, growing and developing your skills. It’s only natural then that you want to have special and fun outfits to dress up in for class time! Our students love to wear cute outfits to class, whether its a playful active set in a lovely leopard print, or a decadent lingerie set. Not only do you get to dress up in something special, but you’ll also be looking picture-perfect for any photos or videos you take during your class.

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We’re often asked by first time students “what do I wear?’ Each category of classes has it’s own requirements for what to wear, to give you the best possible advantage during your lesson. This little guide (which also features in our Ultimate Virgin Guide) shows you what to wear for each class!


What to wear for Pole

The most important thing to remember for pole, is that you need the back of your knees exposed to grip with your skin and your clothes need to be tight-fitting. We have outfits at the studio that you can purchase before your class, so Speak to Siren ahead of time to see if we have your size. You're welcome to wear heels (we also sell these in the studio and we do pre-orders once a term from Pleaser Shoes!) but bare feet is totally fine until when/if you feel ready to wear shoes. For Babydoll Beginner's Pole, we recommend any of the following outfit options:
- Booty Shorts with a crop top, singlet or tshirt
- Leggings above the knee with a crop top, singlet or tshirt
- Lingerie top and bottom (suspenders get in the way!)
- Short Lingerie bodysuit or Gymnastics Leotard


What to wear for Lyra

Lyra requires a little more coverage than Pole or Burlesque. This is because the tape that we use on the lyras for a safer grip is really abrasive on bare skin. For this reason, we recommend you to wear either leggings, a full length bodysuit/leotard or a pair of stockings to cover your legs if you wear a short bodysuit or lingerie set. The top half of your body is not as in contact with the lyra, but just make sure it's tight and doesn't have any 'dangling bits' that could get caught. Always wear socks, sockettes or stockings in class, to help you spin easily and for hygiene purposes, unless you're interested in getting sexy in our Velvet Vixenettes & Velvet Vixens classes. 


What to wear for Burlesque

Your Burlesque outfit will change every term, as this will be determined by the routine that you're learning (and what items of clothing you're taking off etc.). Your teacher will advise what to bring for the following classes on your first lesson. Most of the students will turn up in some kind of 'lingerie' outfit (like the picture above) with some kitten heels. If you're feeling a little nervous, you can always bring a babydoll dress or nightslip to pop over the top of your lingerie and take it off as you feel more comfortable. Sometimes on the first lesson, the students will turn up in activewear (like yoga clothes), but this slowly phases out over the weeks as dressing up for class makes everyone feel glamorous and more 'in the mood' for Burlesque.  


What to wear for Sling

It is very important to wear an outfit that has no buckles, buttons, zippers, rhinestones, clasps or anything that can potentially snag the fabric of the sling.
All Jewellery, watches and sharp pointed nails and body piercings are also not permitted (you can cover nails and piercings with thick strapping tape - Bandaids don’t hold for the whole lesson).
Ideal outfit choices would be:
1. Tight Leggings (like yoga style) and t-shirt or sports bra
2. Stockings (no garter belts as belts can snag fabric) with a leotard over the top. No fishnets, unless sockettes are worn as toenails must be covered.
3. A tight onesie leotard!
4. Socks or sockettes are a must (no bare feet!)
The backs of your knees and mid-section should be covered completely.

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We’ve rounded up some of our favourite brands of pole wear, activewear and lingerie. Whether you’re a leopard and lace-loving glamour-puss, or a curvaceous queen looking for fun styles with a great size range, we’ve shared options below to suit every taste. We’ve tried to include size ranges for each label to make it a bit easier to find the right fit!

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It’s no secret that at Sky Sirens, we love glamour. Leopard print, lush velvets, cheeky designs and fun colours are some of our favourite things! These brands are designed for pole dancers and aerialists, and combine glamour and practicality in the perfect union.

Luna Polewear is a Sydney-based brand that many of you know and love! Made for pole dancers, by pole dancers, the range combines beautiful fabrics and shapes with practicality, perfect for performing. We love the glitter, velvet and leopard print designs, so naturally we absolutely had to stock their products in the studio! You can check out their range at their website, or browse our selection in store at Sky Sirens. Sizes range from 6 - 16.

Another polewear brand with designs that are both fun and functional is USA-based Cleo the Hurricane. Leaning more into the raunchy, exotic style inspirations, we are drooling over the wet-look, high waisted leopard shorts, and the “Cleotards,” high-cut leotards for pole and aerials. They also have sticky leggings for winter poling! Sizes range from XS to 3XL.

USA-based Creatures of XIX covers you with stylish basics and unique designs. From block coloured sets with strappy detailing (we adore the shades of burgundy, pink and lilac) to unique prints and designs, we love these outfits perfect for pole and aerials. You may have seen some of their pieces on our isntructors Rose and Arizona! Sizes range from XXS to XXL.

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Money doesn’t buy style honey, and even if you’ve spent all your cash on other things, (I can’t resist a new pair of shoes!) there are still many options for cute outfits at sweet prices. The bonus? All of these spots have physical stores in Sydney, so you’ll be able to try before you buy!

Here at the studio, we try to cater to all budgets with our range of outfits available to purchase. With sweet lace bodysuits from $40 and in a range of sizes and styles, you can find yourself an outfit or two, without breaking the bank! We also have pole and burlesque shoes, stockings, kneepads and accessories, to kit you out for any class. Catering to curvy sized babes too!

Designed specifically for sports fashionistas, L’urv is an Australian boutique fashion label that caters for the unique and active individual. Designed exclusively in Melbourne, L'urv's sportswear is crafted from superior fabric and quality materials. There are so many cute styles, in soft blush pinks and lush florals! Prices are reasonable, with leggings around the $100 mark, but they also have excellent sales quite often. Available in David Jones, and at their boutique in Bondi Junction. Sizes from XS to XL.

For a super sweet deal, we love to hit Kmart and Cotton On for reliable basics, and a few fun styles too! With the rising trend of stylish activewear, these wallet-friendly stores are catering to the demands of cute, well fitting and fun active styles. You’ve probably spotted many a student and teacher sporting leopard leggings from Cotton On!


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Finding brands of activewear with a comprehensive size range can be challenging, and finding brands with cute designs and colours can be even harder! We’ve mentioned whether brands in other categories stock sizes for our curvy babes, but here are a few brands dedicated to providing cute styles for all bodies.

We know it can be tough to find cute lingerie in extended sizes, and even more-so to find styles that you can try on, which is why we do our best to stock inclusive size ranges at the studio. Our styles for curvy babes include cute bodysuits and separates, perfect for aerial arts! Sizes range from XS to 3XL, and while we do tend to sell out of some sizes fairly quickly, we order new stock regularly!

Exotic Athletica is an Australian-based activewear label with a mission to create bright, fun pieces with an inclusive size range. Their styles include bright colours with flattering scrunched bottoms for that perky peach, and amazing prints with florals, fun graphics and our fave, leopard print. The pink leopard set is to die for! In addition to their standard size range of XS to 2XL, Exotic Athletica also offer a Made to Measure service, meaning you can have pieces made to custom fit your measurements perfectly!

Running Bare was founded in Sydney and has been creating activewear since the 80s! Their styles are modern, on trend and while a bit more muted than other brands, still offers a range of stylish prints to keep you looking fab. Their sizes range from 8 to 22, and you can find their physical stores locally around Sydney, including at Chatswood and Bondi Beach.

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Sustainability can extend to your activewear too! The labels we’ve included below either use recycled materials to create their clothing, and/or use sustainable, ethical methods in their production. Plus, they are all cute as heck, without costing the earth!

The fabrics activewear is made from are usually synthetic, meaning made from plastic. This means that our clothes are also contributing to the plastic problem in our world today! The creative babes over at Girlfriend Collective use a fabric created from recycled PET drink bottles and fishing nets to create soft and comfortable activewear. Their styles come in a range of gorgeous colours, with high waists and comfortable, flattering, minimal cuts. Their products are only available online, so make sure to check the size chart before you order! Their inclusive size range includes sizes XXS to 6XL.

Pink Punk is an Australian-made, Australian-owned label from the Gold Coast. All of their fun, colourful designs are patterned, cut, sewn and packaged in-house, using Australian-made fabrics. Their prints are created using methods that reduce water wastage, and their packaging is all recyclable too! We love their bright prints (the emerald green print is gorgeous, and we love the unicorn leggings too!) Sizes range from 8 - 18.

Dharma Bums Yoga and Activewear is a Sydney-based activewear label that focuses on creating stylish and on-trend styles, while being committed to ethical production. Their facilities both local and international are certified to adhere to the standards of the BSCI, which includes fair wages and safe working conditions. They also use recycled and natural fabrics. We love their range of prints (including some stunning florals, and our fave - leopard print!) Sizes range from 6 - 20.

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Whether you’re a burlesque beauty in need of a gorgeous lingerie set for lessons, or an aerial angel who loves to dance in your best lacy intimates, these are some of our favourite, pinup perfect options.

We know how much you all love dressing up for our classes and performance opportunities, so to make it super easy, we’ve got our own range of stunning lingerie styles in the studio. Cute lace bodysuits and teddies, pole-worthy separates, robes, gowns and babydolls for burlesque beauties, we have it all! We try to ensure we have the perfect pieces to match the routine themes for the term, so make sure you take a peek when you visit the studio!

Burlesque icon and glamour enthusiast Dita Von Teese created her namesake lingerie label to help modern fatales adorn themselves with vintage-inspired pieces. Using her own extensive collection of vintage lingerie as reference, the Dita Von Teese range has gorgeous separates, as well as special pieces like bodysuits, gowns and girdles. Available locally for you to try on in some Myer and David Jones stores (the Sydney central ones for sure) or online at Porte-a-Vie. Size ranges in Australian stockists tend to be fairly limited, however some international stockists have a more extensive size range available.

In the last couple of years, Bras n Things have really carved out a space for themselves as purveyors of cute, affordable and stylish lingerie options! At Sky Sirens, we adore their range of bodysuits, which are practical and comfortable for aerials while still looking like a divine lingerie piece. Their boutiques across Sydney mean you’re able to pop in and try before you buy, and once you know your size, their online store can deliver straight to your door. Their size range includes sizes 8 - 20 in some styles, and cup sizes up to a G.

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From professional dance stockings, to leotards, wrap cardigans and dance shoes, these are the spots to get your dance wear. Designed for the dedicated dancer, these styles are hard-wearing and practical!

Need those pieces to finish off your outfit or costume? Sometimes classes require specialised dance wear, like shoes, stockings, kneepads and more. Luckily, we’ve got everything you need at the studio! Our range of dance shoes includes Pleaser pole dancing shoes in a wide array of heights and styles, and we’ve got dance heels perfect for burlesque beginners. Our professional dance stockings fit sizes 6 - 18, and we can show you how to customise them for you! Your Siren of the House can help you find everything you need when you come to visit.

If you did dance classes as a child, you may remember visiting a Bloch store for ballet shoes and leotards. Bloch is still a great place to find all of your dance wear needs, and with physical stores all over Sydney, you get to try on before you buy! Bloch have collections of gorgeous active and dance wear, and accessories including contemporary dance shoes, durable dance stockings, wrap cardis and ballet wrap skirts. Designed for dancers, you won’t need to worry about any unwanted reveals! Sizes are relatively limited, from ‘Petite’ to “Extra Large’ in their adult sizing. They also stock a range of men’s dance wear!

Australian dance wear brand Energetiks is another great spot for dance outfits. From wrap tops and warm-up outfits for the colder months, to leotards and ballet wrap skirts in cute pastel colours, you’ll come to class feeling like a prima ballerina! Their range also includes a selection of dance shoes, including soft-soled dance heels, character heels and lyrical dance shoes. Their online store has an extensive range. Sizing leans more towards the petite sizes, from 3XS to XL, so it’s great for petite babes looking for long-lasting pieces!