Packing a bag for Lyra becomes a little ritual for most Sirens. Whether you're a curious newbie looking for clues on what to bring or simply an aerial enthusiast with a voyeuristic streak, series two of "what's in the bag" unveils everything from boots to beats. We unzip the bags of Siren students Maddie and Whitney to find out what they bring to class.
Photography & Words by the Pixel Pixie


Bodysuit & Stockings: They're comfortable and make me feel confident & sexy.
Water: I drink a lot during class.
Sweat towel: I tend to sweat quite a lot so I bring a little towel to dry myself off.
Boots: I wear ankle boots for Dreamgirls Lyra as I find them a bit more supportive.
Knee Pads: It’s important to look after your knees when doing sexy floorwork!
Hair-ties/pins: It's distracting having hair in my face while hanging upside down!
Strapping tape: I tape my ripped calluses for cushioning/protection until it heals.
Bluetooth headphones: I use these during practice time so other people don’t have to listen to my music.
My phone: I record myself during class to track my own progress and technique.
Red Lipstick: Even when I’m not wearing any other makeup, I instantly feel pretty and glamorous when I put on some lipstick!
Perfume: I love my new scent! One spray lasts me an entire day!

Sky Sirens Whats In My Lyra Bag (1 of 2).jpg

Act Creation Syllabus: My Aerial Angels syllabus is my little bible for this term.
Pen: I always have one to take notes in class or scribble something down.
Lipstick: These are my go to shades; Dolce Vita by Nars & Velvet Teddy by MAC.
Hair Tie: I buy these from Kim Sun Young Hair Design in the city. 
Compact mirror: I have one of these in every bag I carry.
Wallet: A gift from my mother.
Make up bag: This unassuming bag holds all my daily essentials.
Bra: Silent Arrow make great lingerie that are perfect for Lyra and pole.
Bottoms: I’ve purchased these Palindrome bottoms in every print they have!
Keys: I tied a ribbon and a bell from onto these to make sure I always have them!
Water: I cannot go through class without water.
iPad: For my Act Creation classes & e-books - I’m reading ‘Queen of Shadows’.
Headphones: I cannot live without these, especially on one-hour train trips.
iPod: This was a gift from my brother for radio & storing my music.
iPhone: I film during class and I’m always on Instagram looking for inspiration!
Paw Paw Ointment: I cannot live without this stuff.
EpiPen: Unfortunately I suffer from a condition called food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis so I need to carry this bad boy with me everywhere.
Moisturising cream: The bottle is from MUJI and is great for traveling.