"What do I bring to class?" is a common question from Pole Virgins across every term. So this week we decided to take a peek into the bags of Loretta and Marulie - two Siren Pole students! From grip aid to their favourite pair of training heels, these two babes reveal all the ingredients that create their recipe for Pole practice.
Photography & Words by the Pixel Pixie


Hokkaido tote bag: My sister brought this back from Japan!
Legwarmers: To keep my ankles extra warm during colder months.
Water Bottle: This one is from Ishka. I always keep hydrated while dancing.
Makeup bag: For my lipstick, powder, and comb.
Dry hands: Pole grip aid life saver!
7-inch Pleasers: They glow in UV light!
Drawstring shoebag: A sturdy alternative to Pleaser Bags.
Phone: I use this to record my practices, to see my progress. 
Wallet: This is pretty self-explanatory. 
Microfibre towel: For cleaning the pole + my hands.
Hairspray: Used as an extra grip aid because I’m super sweaty. 

Rexona Deodorant: Pole is a workout so to ensure I’m smelling fresh I use deodorant before and after.
Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray: Perfect to keep enclosed shoes smelling fresh!
Phone: I use this to take photos and videos to keep track of my progress and to showcase the new moves I learn.
Gloves: This is the most important thing to me when I do pole. Don’t expect to see me up on a pole without them, because I’d be on the floor otherwise.
Pole Heels: I have a pair of these cute pink pleasure high heels. I’ve dedicated this pair as my practice heels.
Make-up: I pretty much sweat off my make up in class so I keep it in my bag for a quick retouch before I leave the studio.
Perfume: Because perfume fades throughout the day, I bring this for use after class to keep me smelling pretty as a petal.