Welcome to our Vaudeville evening of performances from vivacious virgins to your favourite headline honeys. It’s time to slip on some heels, adjust your bow tie and raise your glasses to a handpicked collection of Lyra, Pole Dancing, Burlesque and Circus. Fall in love with sparkling costumes, luscious tunes and heavenly cocktails. Our Heartstoppers will take you on a voyeuristic trip into the secrets of seduction. 

Dates for our October show will be out shortly. 

We are accepting applications for our second show in October. If you are a Burlesque, Circus or Pole Artist (Virgin or Experienced) who’d like to showcase a new performance, please click here to submit your application. 


Please note, that we are unable to give refunds under any circumstance. Tickets can't be exchanged for any other Leadbelly or Sky Sirens service or product. 

We are proudly sponsored by the stunning Cali Rose Creations.