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Siren Philosophy

Blow a kiss, Bonjour and Welcome to the only dance studio in Sydney flirting with sensuality, fantasy and vintage elegance. Experience an explosion of confidence, treat your body and feel inspired. Burlesque, Pole Dance and Aerial Artistry will tantalise muscles and joints that you never knew you had, releasing endorphins that feel like ecstasy!

Our Story

Katia was inspired to create Sky Sirens because she wanted to create a safe and beautiful environment for people to learn to explore their sensual side, through pole, lyra and burlesque. The studio is a space for students of all backgrounds and fitness levels to learn aerial and dance styles, and be included in a positive community.

After five weeks of renovations and set up, Sky Sirens launched with a bang in May 2016, with a decadent Launch Party showcasing performances by local burlesque, circus and pole talent, students from other Sydney-based, supportive studios, and showcases by the founding teachers, including Katia, Dahlia and Billie. Guests were treated to champagne and canapés, and this luxurious event set the stage for our recurring Nightcap student showcase.

The very first term at Sky Sirens had 60 students, with only four teachers. Sky Sirens is now open seven days, with more than 200 students attending classes each week, and we are now a team of 15. Our students are part of an empowering, diverse community that promotes body-positivity and self-acceptance.

The studio is always growing and evolving, with the goal of being as inclusive and diverse as possible. Since opening we have launched many initiatives to promote these goals, including using gender-neutral vocabulary in all our classes, and our We Are Sirens diversity campaign.

A Note from Katia

Every I day get to come to work and do what I love. Along with being blessed with the company of amazing, strong individuals – I get to watch people grow in confidence, achieve things they never thought possible and watch friendships blossom. I have a job that allows me creative expression without restriction and a place in the world that accepts and encourages these extravagant ideas. I love Sky Sirens because my students and staff are like a family, always willing to contribute and share with one another. Every one of the Siren team treats the studio space as if it was their own. Every instructor knows and cares for every one of their students, which is incredibly special. Sky Sirens has already come so far since we first opened, and I’m very excited for the future and all of the amazing things to come.
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The Sky Sirens studio aesthetic is extremely extravagant. Each room has a completely different vibe, yet they all flow and remain cohesive. From baby pink Flamingo wallpaper to red velvet pillow walls and glass chandeliers, Sky Sirens is a modern pin-up wonderland of Instagram-able goodness. Recline on one of our plush vintage couches, surrounded by decadent antique lamps and vases of ostrich plumes.
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We want our students to become friends, and get to know one another, which is why we have created a beautiful space where everyone can sit on our vintage sofas and chat. Our Change Rooms are decorated with stunning wallpaper and plush vintage couches, making them a beautiful place to hang out before and after class. Sky Sirens has never been just a dance studio. It is an inclusive, diverse community of babes that offer support and encouragement to one another.

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Sky Sirens is a confidence building, Intersectional Feminist safe space that is inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community, Sex & Adult Industry workers, people of colour, people living with invisible and/or visible medical conditions and those in other minority groups. All Siren staff undergoes regular professional development sessions to educate and inform them on ways to improve the Siren experience and open conversation about inclusivity. We are also huge advocates of educating our students about these topics and often write articles on our blog and private student Facebook group.

Being hard of hearing and having learnt dance as an adult, Katia has always been interested in an accessible way of teaching and learning. This developed the foundation of the ethics and syllabus that we employ at Sky Sirens. We are strong advocates of diversity, and reinforce that all people have the ability to embrace sensuality and dance beautifully regardless of their body type. For example, in our beginner Lyra classes, the hoops are rigged with the bottom bar at the student’s ‘hip’ height. This means that they are able to get used to manipulating the Lyra, creating shapes and understand the foundation of the apparatus before performing higher in the air. This also ensures accessibility and safety of learning for those with curvier body types, high anxiety or students with physical disabilities who may not be able to lift their body weight into a higher apparatus.

Along with creating a safe space for people to share the joy of learning – one of our biggest passions is giving students and the community opportunities to perform and share their love for their art. Sky Sirens produce a number of (Auslan Interpreted) events in Sydney that act as a platform to showcase diversity in skill level and acts. We provide a safe space for audience members to enjoy performances by not allowing acts portraying cultural appropriation, religious appropriation, queer appropriation and discrimination against other minority groups. We also don't allow acts that include sexualisation of women in the workforce, especially in women-dominated industries. Our vision is always to create an evening where audience members are moved and feel inspired by the performances. Check out Nightcap, our student showcase, and Heartstoppers.

A large number of Siren staff has come from an Adult Industry background, inspiring the teaching of the more ‘sexy’ side of Pole dance as opposed to Pole Fitness. While we encourage our students to embrace different styles, we are huge advocates of celebrating the history of Pole Dance and teach mostly an erotic style in classes. We do this to pay homage to the strippers who have experienced oppression in order to pave the way for Pole Dance to become a more ‘socially acceptable’ activity, for the general public to enjoy. In addition to this, all Burlesque classes at Sky Sirens incorporate an element of striptease. We ensure that students not only learn the various technique of the genre, but also have an understanding of theory and what being a Burlesque dancer is all about.

The team at Sky Sirens acknowledges that we meet, work and learn on what is and will always be the land of the Gadigal people. We pay our respects to Elders; past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that Indigenous sovereignty has never been ceded.