She's sweet as candy, with a stunning smile, and we are so excited to be welcoming Rose Royce as a pole dance teacher with Sky Sirens in Term Five. After helping us out of a tight spot by covering some classes during this term, we knew we wanted Rose to stay! A sensual performer with a love for jazz and blues, we love Rose's unique style that she brings to her dancing. Overcoming a diagnoses of Type 1 Diabetes, and learning to love herself again through pole dance makes Rose one inspiring Siren! We had a little chat with Rose about her pole dancing journey. 

Interviewed by Eva Devore | Photography by Etienne Reynaud

Rose Royce

"Sweet-as-Sugar Siren"
Instagram: @rose_royce51

How long have you been dancing and how did you start in pole?

I have been pole dancing for just over 3 years now. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and work on my self confidence. I talked a friend into coming along with me so I had someone to feel silly with and I fell head over heels for it after the first class!

How long have you been teaching at Sky Sirens and which styles do you teach?

This is my first official term teaching at Sky Sirens and I am so excited!! Last term I filled in for a couple of classes while teachers were absent, but this term I have my own classes. I will be teaching Babydoll Beginners Pole, and Pearls Intermediate 1 Pole classes.

How would you describe your dance and performance style?

I am a jazz musician so I feel most at home when dancing to a jazz or blues number. I like to keep it sensual and sassy! My favourite thing to do is get lost in a beautiful bass line or sexy sax solo and freestyle my heart out.

Would you tell us a little about your journey with Type 1 Diabetes?

At the age of 21, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. During this time, I lost a lot of confidence as my body started going through a lot of changes in terms of extreme weight loss and rapid weight gain. I struggled to come to terms with the fact that I now needed to inject myself with Insulin 4 times a day and I didn't feel passionate about anything in my life anymore.

Starting pole was the most life changing experience and I was hooked after the first (admittedly very awkward) body roll. I am so grateful for the confidence pole has given me.  Thanks to my diabetes, my body still continues to go through changes here and there but I have learned to look in the mirror and absolutely adore what stands in front of me.

Are there any additional challenges you experience when pole dancing?

I just have to be really careful and conscious of how I'm feeling (and always have jelly beans or a juice box on me). Initially it was hard but once I learned how to manage my sugar levels with my injections, I felt like I could do anything again. Exercise helps me to control it a little better so I think that's why I have thrown my entire self into fitness! But I still need to recognise my limits and let my body rest when it needs it.

What advice to you like to give to your students?

Don't take yourself too seriously! When you are in class, that is your safe place. Try to let yourself go and have a laugh! I have found some of my favourite moves in amongst some of my most awkward movements whilst just exploring my body.

What do you do when you’re not being a Siren?

If I'm not at my muggle job as a Clinical Research Associate for a large pharmaceutical company, I am at the gym! I do Crossfit 4 times a week. I love lifting super heavy things and pushing my body and my mind. I love how different it is to pole too! I always feel the need to challenging myself and keep things interesting.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

New Orleans! I'd love to surround myself with Jazz and Blues all day long.

What does this term hold for you?

If anyone has been in my class before, they know that I am full of strange sound effects, terrible jokes and am a little bit extra. I just love to make every class fun and I hope I can continue to bring that to our beautiful students this term!

This term you can join Rose in Babydoll Pole and Pearls Pole on Thursdays!